The transport of furniture at the right price and in complete safety

WebTransportDeal allows you to transport one or more of your furniture (bed, mattress, sofa, bookcase...) at the best price and in complete safety. Indeed, our platform ensures you a competitive price according to two simple principles: groupage (or cotransport) and empty return.


Cheap furniture transport from door to door: groupage.

Transporters and removal professionals very rarely fill their trucks (65% on average, SupplyChain Magazine n°51). This "lost" space is a loss of income and has a strong environmental impact. Transporters therefore come to the WebTransportDeal furniture platform to complete their load by offering quotes and clearly advantageous prices.


Take advantage of empty returns to lower the price of transporting your furniture.

Driving unladen is the fear of operators, but it is a reality that represents between 10% and 20% of journeys (L'Officiel des Transporteurs n°2808). Based on this observation, the WebTransportDeal connection platform allows individuals to submit their request for furniture transport free of charge and to take advantage of advantageous prices from professional movers.