Cleaning is the last thing a private individual would want to do during a cheap move. However, it allows him to return the premises in good condition, especially when he is anxious to get his deposit back. A move is a gruelling event, which can take several days or even weeks to prepare, not to mention the move to the new residence where sometimes the former tenants leave the premises in a disastrous state.

What is the solution?

It is possible to use a cheap removal company. They will take care of combing every nook and cranny of the property, so that the owner gets his property back in the best possible conditions. In this way, the future occupants will be in a house where it's good to live in.

This mission can become more complicated when it comes to furnished accommodation. The company provides the individual with a team of qualified and experienced technicians who will clean the floor, walls, kitchen, bathrooms, windows, cupboards..., and another team who will take care of small DIY jobs, such as filling in holes, painting or replacing broken windows.

To contact a cheap removal company, all you have to do is do a web search and then explain the project to the service provider. The latter will have to travel to assess the tasks to be carried out while drawing up a detailed estimate (surface to be cleaned, DIY work, price, completion time, etc.). It is recommended that you choose a government-approved company to benefit from a tax credit or even a reduction. As an indication, these companies charge €25 per hour for cleaning work (cleaning products included in the price) and €35 per hour for minor DIY work (labour only). Other companies charge a flat rate for this work, depending on the surface to be cleaned. For example, for a T2, it costs about 240 €, whereas for a T4, professionals charge 340 €. However, these rates do not include travel costs and may vary from one professional to another.

Is it possible to use a removal company that also does the cleaning work?

If the private individual has chosen to move using a cheap removal company, he or she could ask the company if it provides cleaning services. To choose the company offering the best value for money, it is best to go through a professional such as WebTransportDeal and then request a cheap removal quote. The private individual will then have to choose the offer that best meets his needs, especially the one that includes a removal cleaning service. Please note that some companies offer a removal package including the cleaning and DIY service.

However, even if using a company allows the private individual to benefit from quality services with relatively short lead times, these services have a price, and a private individual whose objective is to move cheaply will have to find a solution that fits his budget.

Is there an alternative?

The private individual can call upon a cheap removal company, offering only a commercial vehicle and a driver-mover with or without handling agents. Also, regarding cleaning, he could call upon surface technicians, who charge less for their service than a company offering a cleaning service. Alternatively, he could ask his friends or family to help him clean, while supervising the task. However, it takes organization to get the job done. Translated with (free version)