A move is an important event, it is also a source of stress before and during the move, but also a great source of joy and relief after settling in at the new address. 


In order to move quickly and efficiently, it is important to know and respect certain rules:


- The importance of sorting out the various objects and belongings in advance: clothes, furniture, books, household appliances... You will then have to get rid of everything that has not been used for a certain period of time, by offering it to your relatives or associations. Sometimes it is necessary to throw away certain things when they are unusable and unrecoverable.


- Depending on your budget, you can choose to move on your own or hire a removal company, bearing in mind that each solution has a number of advantages and disadvantages, which only you will be able to assess according to your budget and your expectations. In the case of a very tight budget, it is possible to carry out part of the move yourself and entrust the port and transport part to a specialised company. However, when you are in a hurry and have very little time, it is highly recommended that you call on a professional, by going to the contact platform https://www.webtransportdeal.com/. 


- Once you have decided to carry out the removal yourself or to entrust it to a specialist, you will need to carry out an assessment of the volume to be moved, also known as "cubing". There are online applications that allow you to calculate this volume. If you have opted for a removal via a specialist company, an expert will come to your home to carry out a technical visit to refine the cubing. He will also take the opportunity to give you the final estimate for the move. Factors other than the volume of the move will also be included in the calculation of the estimate. These include access or parking difficulties, the distance to be covered and the method of removal chosen: ordinary, economical, grouped, or "empty return".


- The moving date will then have to be fixed in advance, avoiding certain periods such as weekends and school holidays. Preferably, opt for the second or third week of the month between June and September.


- Don't forget the administrative formalities involved in moving house. If you are a tenant, it is necessary to keep the owner informed of your departure at least one month in advance. The purpose of this procedure is to carry out an inventory of fixtures on your departure. You should also think about cancelling old subscriptions (gas, water, electricity, telephone, Internet) and taking out new ones. It is also important to pre-register your children in the schools close to your new address. You should also inform various organisations of your new address, such as your employer, the post office, the tax authorities, the bank, the mutual health insurance company, etc.


- All objects and clothing must be packed in cartons, suitcases and covers, taking care to label them so that you can be found when unpacking. You will also need to dismantle the furniture, although this task will be carried out by the removal company, if you have opted to do this. Don't forget to unplug the electrical appliances, calling in a specialist. This is particularly the case with built-in appliances. This option should be considered for people who have chosen to take charge of their own removal.


- Allow a day before D-Day to clean your new home so that it is ready to receive your furniture and other objects. It is also advisable to entrust your children and/or pets to someone close to you to avoid the inconvenience of the move. Finally, it is advisable to inform - as a matter of principle - the old and new neighbours of your departure/arrival in order to prepare them for the noise that may be caused during the move.


- When you arrive on the day, it is important that all the boxes and packaging are organised in the room closest to the main door, in order to make the task easier for the movers (professionals or your entourage). The furniture must have been dismantled beforehand and must be deposited in an organized manner. If you have decided to entrust the job to a removal company, you have nothing else to do but wait. If this is the case, you will have to supervise the operation by guiding your team according to priorities. 


As a general rule, the watchword for a successful move, especially when carried out alone, is ORGANISATION. It is necessary to plan in advance (several weeks or even less) to Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)