Making a cheap move involves a lot of preparation before the big day. In fact, in addition to preparing the boxes and dismantling the furniture, a private individual has to carry out several administrative procedures, such as cancelling or modifying contracts relating to the accommodation. These steps can enable him to avoid paying certain costs, while avoiding litigation in some cases.

Steps to be taken to terminate the contract before moving house

- Terminate energy contracts (electricity and gas), giving advance notice to the supplier, bearing in mind that it takes an average of 1 month to receive the cancellation invoice. If necessary, the private individual may pay for the future tenant's consumption. Also, it will be necessary to remember to take the meters on the day of the move.

- Cancel subscriptions to public transport, sports and cinema halls: especially when they are rarely used. However, cancellation does involve costs if the individual lives within the area of validity, and if necessary, he can cancel his subscriptions without paying any costs.

- Cancel or transfer his telephone subscription as well as his TV, cable or satellite subscriptions.

Here are the steps for the new billing address after the cheap move:

- Change home insurance: as soon as the individual decides on the date of his move, he must contact his insurance company to inform it of the new conditions. However, if the customer does not transfer his home insurance contract to his new address, he must send his insurer a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.

- Transferring the water contract: this is the ideal solution when the private individual moves without changing town, otherwise he will have to cancel the contract at least 2 weeks in advance while taking a meter reading on the day of the move.

- Communicate the new address to the Internet service provider. This way, if he is satisfied, the individual can benefit from the same services. However, he will have to check the eligibility of his new address. If he keeps the same operator, the latter could offer him an offer adapted to his new place of residence.

Who should he also inform of his change of residence?

In order to continue to receive their entitlements, individuals will have to inform certain organisations of their new address, such as Pôle emploi, the Caf or the CPAM (primary health insurance fund).

He will also have to inform his employer and notify his bank of his change of address. You should not forget your children's schools by asking for a certificate of deregistration so that they can be re-enrolled in their new schools. For the crèche, the notice period must be taken into account.

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In addition, the private individual can contact the CAF to receive a moving allowance, provided of course that they meet certain criteria (3 dependent children while being eligible for personal housing assistance or family housing allowance). Also, it is not advisable to move during certain periods such as weekends, Christmas and New Year's holidays or the school holiday period. Translated with (free version)