A move cannot be improvised, as soon as a private individual or a professional chooses the D-day, they have to anticipate several tasks. If, for example, they opt for a completely free move, calling in their friends and relatives, they will have to personally take care of all the tasks, such as packing their belongings and dismantling and reassembling furniture, among others. However, it is necessary to use inexpensive moving equipment.

What are the different tools and materials used during a move?

- Cardboard boxes: it is not necessary to buy expensive boxes to transport your belongings. You just need to collect boxes from supermarkets, knowing that they have only been used once. However, you should choose boxes with bottoms thick enough to support the load. Also, you should think about varying the dimensions, so that you can use the smallest for books, the medium for crockery and decorative objects, and the largest for clothes, for example.

To find out the number of boxes needed for the move, you need to make a cubage, estimating the volume to be moved. There are calculators on the Net that allow you to estimate this volume, such as: https://www.webtransportdeal.com/fr/qstart/. At the same time, the cubing allows you to predict the volume of the most suitable truck for the removal, in order to avoid multiplying rotations, knowing that this is neither economical nor ecological.

- Packing material: it is necessary to buy or collect certain items that are indispensable for the protection of the belongings, such as bubble wrap, newspaper, and small bags for storing screws and furniture assembly accessories). Also, tape, labels and a felt marker should be provided to mark the contents of each box and its degree of fragility.

Also consider using plastic covers to protect mattresses and bedding, stretch film to protect furniture and blankets to act as spacers.

- Small tools: to dismantle the furniture, you should have a screwdriver and a hammer on hand.

- Safety accessories: it is advisable to wear protective gloves when handling and loading/unloading items. Also, straps or lifting cables should be used to protect the back.

- Heavy equipment: it is necessary to use a stepladder to reach objects at height, a trolley to move heavy objects such as boxes and suitcases, and a forklift to move heavy furniture or household appliances. This equipment can be borrowed from friends or acquaintances.

Is it enough to have cheap moving equipment to make a successful move?

No, a move is an event that is prepared in advance. For a cheap move, it is recommended that you sort your belongings piece by piece and sell or give away what you can use, and throw away what you don't need. Also, when packing and storing the various items in the crates, it is important to do this early on. A second person should be used to disassemble/assemble the furniture, using the right tools. On the day of the move, if the removal has to be carried out entirely by the person themselves, friends and relatives should be called in, especially for handling and loading/unloading the belongings.

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