Moving is an energy-consuming and time-consuming event. For a cheap move, choices have to be made before embarking on the project. It can happen that with a very limited budget, some people may not have much choice and cannot afford the services of a professional mover even if they choose the most economical formula. The latter consists of preparing and organising all the stages of the move yourself, and entrusting only the transport to the professional.

Is it possible to use a private transporter?

Even if it does not offer the same range of services as a professional remover, a carrier can offer other services to its clients, such as handling, loading and unloading of their goods. However, when opting for this choice, it is important to make sure that the service provider offers a guarantee or insurance for the goods being transported.

Where can I find a carrier or removal professional?

To choose the cheapest professional, go to a platform such as, publish a request specifying that the search is for transport only, then compare the different offers received and choose the one that corresponds to your budget and expectations. It is important to know that the price of transport depends on several factors, such as the volume to be moved (cubage) and the distance to be covered, among others. The request for a quote is entirely free and does not commit the individual in any way. WebTransportDeal has a large network of professionals, throughout France and Europe, ensuring that clients find a tailor-made solution for their move, knowing that they can benefit from a discount of up to 75%. The platform offers a range of services, such as calculating the volume to be moved, advice and tips for a cheap move...

There are two solutions that can save 40% to 60% on the transport bill. The first is to take advantage of an empty return of the remover's truck, which makes the return trip profitable instead of making the empty journey.     This solution is not only economical for both the removal company and the client, but is also environmentally friendly. The second consists of joining one removal to another, in a truck that is not full. To move in a group (cotransportation), it is necessary that the clients' removal addresses are located on the same road. This formula will allow them to save up to 60%. Both solutions are profitable for both the customer and the company, and the reduction that can be achieved by the customer will be all the greater if he combines the two formulas, especially if it is a long-distance move. Moreover, these solutions have no impact on the quality of the services offered.

Finally, for a cheap move, the private individual must think about reducing his cubage. To do this, he will have to start by sorting his belongings. We are talking here about clothes, furniture, crockery, household appliances, decorative objects, or any other object. They can sell or give away certain items and throw away those that are of no use to them. Keeping everything is a bad habit, which is why individuals should sort their belongings room by room and keep only what they really need. By doing this, they will be able to order a van with a smaller volume and pay less for transporting their belongings. Also, by organizing a garage sale, for example, he can sell some of his belongings and get the money back to pay his transport bill. By combining the solutions mentioned above, the individual can take advantage of a free move. Translated with (free version)