A move is an important project, which you need to know how to organise to ensure its success. It consists of several stages: sorting furniture and objects, evaluating the volume to be moved, packing, and then the move itself, whether it is carried out by the person themselves or by a removal professional. In either case, this project has a cost, which should be evaluated in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises.

We may be tempted to organise and carry out our move ourselves to spend less and save money. Nevertheless, the whole process must be well organised, which is not easy. It is best to use a professional removal company, for example by using a networking platform such as WebTrasnportDeal, which can be found at https://www.webtransportdeal.com/fr.

How to evaluate the budget needed for a move?

A move cannot be afforded without a prior assessment of the budget to be allocated to the project. The cubing stage is then very important and should not be neglected.

What is it all about?

The cubage is an estimate of the volume of goods (furniture, household appliances, boxes, cartons and covers) to be transported from point A to point B, using a commercial vehicle.

The cubing can be carried out by :

- The person himself by carrying out an online simulation using free calculators available on several sites specialising in removals.

- A removal company during the technical visit.

What other elements determine the price of a move?

- The number of rotations carried out by the removal truck: the more rotations the removal truck carries out, the higher the amount of the invoice.

- Technical difficulties encountered during the move: the removal company may encounter a number of technical difficulties during the move, such as the non-availability of a lift, narrow and poorly lit staircases, difficult access to the accommodation caused by a deteriorated runway or difficulty when parking.

- The distance travelled by the lorry: the longer it is, the more expensive the move will be, because of the many expenses the company has to face (motorway tolls, fuel, and even the hotel sometimes).

- The period of the move: removal companies are very much in demand during certain periods, and they charge for their services with a minimum extra cost of around 200 euros. Generally speaking, you should avoid moving in the summer (from June to September), at the end of the year, during school holidays, at the end of the month and at weekends.

Here are a few tips to help reduce the cost of the move:

- Getting rid of bulky items: one of the most important steps in a move is getting rid of furniture, appliances and objects and clothing that you don't need or that are in poor condition. This is why, well before the cubing stage, it is necessary to sort out piece by piece, selling or throwing away anything that could increase the volume to be moved unnecessarily. It is also possible to offer what you no longer need to your relatives or associations.

- Prefer grouped removals: this option will allow you to share the cost of the move with another customer using the same removal route. The savings on the bill are all the more important when the journey is long.

- Choose an "entry-level" move: when you wish to organise your move yourself by taking care of all the steps involved in packing your items, their packaging and the dismantling/assembly of your furniture. The company will simply provide you with a lorry with its driver with the possibility of having one or more movers.

- Take advantage of an "empty return": often the drivers of removal companies come back from their missions with completely empty lorries. This is why you should take advantage of this opportunity when your journey is precisely on the same road as that of this truck. The companies offer discounts of up to 40% for those who choose this option, which represents a financial advantage for both parties.

- Renting a "no return" commercial vehicle: if you have decided to move without going through a professional, it is possible to rent a truck by paying only for the "outward" journey, but before doing so you should choose a company with several locations throughout the country. At the end of the unloading, you just have to hand over the truck to one of the agencies of this company, located near your new address.