To successfully complete a removal project, the use of a professional mover is always advisable. He is in the best position to ensure the success of such an operation. He knows this field at his fingertips thanks to his knowledge and skills. In addition, he offers his clients a wide choice of moving packages. The standard formula is one of them. But what makes it different from the others and why entrust your move to a professional?


The standard removal formula: what is it?


For those who are looking for a good, inexpensive moving plan, the standard moving formula is an alternative to be preferred. It is one of the services offered by professional movers. It is therefore in the middle of the economic formula and the complete formula. Also known as the classic, essential, initial or category 2 formula, it always includes the same services. It should be noted that after the economic formula, it is the formula most chosen by individuals. For most removal companies, 50% of customers opt for the economic formula, while 35% of them choose the standard formula.


What services are included in this package?


As its name suggests, this good, inexpensive removal plan includes all the basic services. First of all, there is the protection of all the furniture and bedding. The service providers use effective protection tools to ensure that customers get the job done right. Handling, transport and return of the customer's personal belongings are also included in the standard package. In this case, the movers take great care to ensure that nothing is damaged and, above all, that nothing is forgotten. Apart from this, the formula also includes the dismantling and reassembly of the furniture once it has arrived in the new home. To do this, the removal professionals use suitable, high-quality tools to carry out the operation.


Other services included in the standard removals package include


In addition to the services listed below, the standard removal package also includes delivery of the boxes to the customer's home. The customer will therefore not have to pay any additional costs for this. The selected mover will do this free of charge. This famous formula also includes the packing of the owner's various fragile goods. The same applies to unpacking and putting them back in the new home. These fragile items include, for example, the piano or other fragile musical instruments, paintings, vases and all kinds of valuables, such as crockery, etc. Finally, the standard formula includes the transport of the customer's clothes on clothes hangers on cardboard wardrobes. In general, it is these last three services that differentiate the classic formula from the economic formula.


Why opt for this moving formula?


As its name suggests, the standard removal formula is a good compromise between doing everything yourself and doing nothing at all. This way, you can participate in the change of address instead of entrusting everything to a professional mover. In fact, it is preferable to pack your clothes and books yourself because this will allow you to sort things out. Also, you won't have to worry about the dishes on the day before D-day. Remember that dishes can only be packed at the last moment. It is therefore more reassuring to entrust the task to a professional. By deciding to opt for this good, inexpensive moving plan, you can finally make insurance cover in the event of breakage or loss.


What about the price of the standard removal plan?


Obviously, the standard removal plan is more expensive than the economy plan, but it is less expensive compared to the full removal plan. In the majority of cases, there is therefore an extra cost of around 100 to 200 euros (including tax) compared to the economic formula, if we take the example of a medium-sized move. In any case, it should be noted that this extra cost depends greatly on the exact quantity of fragile items and crockery to be packed. If the owner has only the usual crockery, the cost will be reduced.