A move requires the use of crates to protect the goods. Choosing the right cheap moving crate will prevent individuals from losing time and/or their belongings. If the removal is carried out by a specialised company, the latter is in no way responsible for any damage that may be caused to the objects packed by the private individual. 

What are the mistakes made by private individuals who pack their goods themselves?

- The choice of materials: you should avoid using damaged crates or crates that are too different in size, as it is necessary to standardise their storage in the commercial vehicle. It is preferable to opt for two or three sizes of inexpensive moving boxes. Also, at the end of the storage of each crate, it is imperative to indicate on a label what it contains while mentioning its degree of fragility.

Furthermore, it is strongly recommended to avoid crates that are too large, especially when it comes to storing books or crockery, as when full they are very difficult, if not impossible, to lift.

- Organisation: leaving everything to the last minute can discourage the individual as the day approaches. It is therefore advisable to devote the weeks preceding the move (dedicate one to two hours a day) to putting away in crates the items that the individual does not need immediately, in order to save time. Also, each crate should be numbered and a list should be drawn up detailing its contents, especially if the move is entrusted to a removal company.

When packing their items in the crates, individuals must respect the following:

- Pack fragile items such as crockery or knick-knacks correctly, taking care to separate them with newspaper or small towels. 

- Avoid putting electronic devices such as tablets or laptops in the same case as speakers, as they could be damaged by the magnetic field.

- Avoid storing food products with toxic chemicals.

- Television or computer screens should be laid flat against the inside of the crate or box, taking care to place cables, power cords and remote controls in the same crate.

Where can I find cheap moving boxes?

It all depends on the budget that the private individual is prepared to put in!  E-commerce sites such as Amazon, Cdiscount... offer removal boxes made of cardboard and plastic. In addition, for a cheap move, it is possible to buy second-hand crates in very good condition on eBay.

Some sites specialising in packing products, particularly those for removals, offer their customers well-thought-out moving boxes, especially when it comes to fragile items or items with specific dimensions. However, given the prices charged and in the hope of spending as little as possible, a private individual might use these sites only to buy a few boxes for his fragile items, which he will keep after his move, in order to possibly use them for a later move. The rest of the crates or boxes could be borrowed from friends or relatives. It is possible to recover boxes free of charge from mini-markets and large commercial outlets and even from certain associations.

How many crates does a private individual need?

There are a number of factors to consider before determining the number of crates or boxes an individual needs. It would be a good idea to calculate the volume to be moved using the calculators available free online, particularly on the movers' websites. 

Where can I find a low-cost mover?

Simply contact a low-cost removal professional such as Webtransportdeal to make a request and then choose an offer after receiving several quotes. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)