A move is a lot of organisation. It is not enough to put your belongings in bulk in boxes, they must also be protected by packing them carefully in order to absorb shocks and jolts during the move.

But what kind of packaging should be used to prevent objects from breaking or damaging? Some people invest in boxes specially designed to contain and protect these objects, but this solution is quite a budget, especially if there are a large number of objects. Others are resourceful in using their clothes, towels, socks, or newspaper, among other things. There is, however, a very effective solution: bubble wrap.

What is bubble wrap?

Also known as bubble plastic, this transparent material has two surfaces, one smooth and the other covered with spaced, air-filled protruding hemispheres that act as shock absorbers. It is used for packaging fragile objects for which it provides effective shock protection.

The quality of the bubble wrap is measured in microns, the higher the figure, the greater the protection. Less than 80 microns, the paper is intended for light objects, 80 microns and more it is used to protect heavy objects, 100 microns the paper is intended for very heavy objects.

How to use bubble wrap?

Most people who use bubble wrap put the smooth surface inwards and the bubble side outwards. However, the reverse should be done in order to use this paper correctly.

To wrap an item, unroll the film, place the item to be wrapped on top, make sure it is completely covered, cut the used piece with a pair of scissors and then fix it with adhesive. Avoid cutting the paper at random, as there is a risk of cutting too much or too little.

What is it intended for?

Bubble wrap protects all types of crockery made of glass, porcelain, earthenware and crystal, among others. It also protects mirrors, small household appliances and knick-knacks.

How much bubble wrap is needed for a move?

It is not possible to accurately estimate the length of paper that will be used. However, it is preferable to buy a roll of around 50 metres, and add more just in case.

What are the different sizes of bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap is generally packaged in rolls several metres long (50 m to 150 m) and wide (0.5 m to 1.5 m) and is also sold in dispenser boxes.   

These boxes are ideal for packaging trinkets, small dishes or jewellery. The paper is available in pre-cut sheets of 30 x 30 cm for example 165 sheets. These boxes save time when packing, as the bubble wrap does not need to be cut with scissors or a cutter.

It is true that bubble wrap is a bit expensive, but it should only be used for fragile objects. Bubble wrap is also much cheaper than cardboard packaging. What's more, it is reusable! Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)