Making a change of address is far from being a simple matter. With the various personal belongings to be sorted, organised and transported and the whole house to be emptied, many people find it difficult to get by. Luckily for them, there are some tips and tricks to make moving easier, even without the help of a professional in the field. One of them is the use of colour coding to mark moving boxes. Details in this article.

Good reasons for colour-coding moving boxes

As mentioned above, it is not at all easy to sort and organise one's various affairs when changing address. And yet, it is essential to do it so as not to lose anything, to leave nothing to chance and to carry out the move without wasting too much time. In order to simplify the sorting of one's various belongings, the use of colour coding for moving boxes is a good solution for a cheap move. This will allow you to put the different items in boxes according to their category.

For example, fragile items can be put in boxes marked with a red colour. It is also possible to put items from the same room in boxes marked with the same colour. For example, it is possible to choose blue for items in the parents' bedroom, green for items in the living room, orange for items in the kitchen and so on. Once all the personal belongings have been transported to the new home, this trick makes it much easier to find them, making unpacking less tedious.

How do I set up a colour code for moving boxes?

To set up a colour code for moving boxes, you can simply use markers. But you can also use coloured stickers or other such accessories. You can also label each box with the contents. The same applies to the room in the new house for which it is intended. In any case, it is recommended to mark the information on the sides of the boxes instead of on the top.

In fact, if this second option is chosen, it will be difficult to distinguish them when the boxes are stacked. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the simplest trick is to set up a colour code per piece so that objects can be more easily distinguished. This way, it will be easier to unpack your belongings once you are at the new address. Just make sure that the colour code is always clearly visible.

Other practical tips for a successful removal project

Apart from colour-coding moving boxes, there are other practical tips for making a successful change of address. For example, putting essential personal belongings in a travel bag is also a good solution for a cheap move. This includes, for example, toiletries, a change of clothes or even the owner's laptop. In this case, a travel bag should be provided for these items.

By doing so, you will have easier access to these various items without having to unpack the boxes immediately, even if they are already colour-coded. This will give you peace of mind once you arrive at your new address. To ensure that the move goes as planned, it is also advisable to take photos of the different electronic and household appliances before unplugging them. This will make it easier to remember the location of each wire for each device.

Being present on the day: essential for the move to be a success

To ensure that everything goes as planned when you change your address, it is also essential to be available on the day. By using professional movers, some people may think that they can entrust everything to them from A to Z, even without their presence, which is completely false. It is true that these specialists are generally trustworthy and will ensure that the change of address is carried out in the owner's place. However, if the owner wants everything to go as planned, it is advisable to be present at the time of the move. Translated with (free version)