During a cheap move, it is not advisable to put heavy items in the same box, such as books, for example. This is for the simple reason that the person who will have to load it into the removal truck and/or unload it afterwards will simply not be able to lift it because of the weight of the box. Lifting an overloaded carton can cause back pain to the person in charge of handling and loading/unloading the cartons. Standard commercially available cartons are generally not compartmentalised and there is a tendency to use the volume of the carton to load all items without worrying about the weight of the carton. For this reason, it is preferable to use compartmentalised boxes, which are designed to hold a specific category of objects.

What are the different compartmentalised boxes available for sale?

Here are a few examples of the different types of boxes available for sale:

- A special "glass" box, with 12 compartments, costs 10.90 €. A box with a capacity of 75 glasses costs €13.85.

- A special plate box for 12 plates costs €5.99. The same box with a capacity of 24 dinner plates costs 11,90 €.

- A set of 10 boxes for books costs €18.34. Each box measures L35 x W27.5 x 33 cm and has two handles for easy handling.

- A wardrobe box with handles costs 8.88€.

- A batch of 100 sheets of foam, ideal for wrapping dishes and knick-knacks, which they protect against friction by absorbing shocks. These sheets can also be used to wrap electronic products or the edges of furniture. This set of sheets costs €16.99.

Also, the online sites offer complete sets of moving boxes, at a price of €129.00. They usually contain one box for 75 glasses, one for 24 dinner plates, one for 12 bottles, 2 sets of folded book boxes, tape, 2 rolls of bubble wrap and two mattress covers.

Obviously, a private individual who buys these boxes will not have to throw them away once the move is over. They should keep them for later use and lend them to their friends and family if necessary. They can also offer them for sale and give the person who buys them the benefit of an attractive price.

What are the advantages offered by these boxes?

The most important advantage is that these boxes, which are designed to hold heavy and fragile items, guarantee a certain security for the various objects stored in them, firstly thanks to the quality of the box, and secondly thanks to the cross-bars that allow the various items to be separated while protecting them.

Is there a cheap moving tip?

There are two possibilities when it comes to the use of cardboard boxes. The first is to ask family and friends if they have any specialised boxes to lend. If they do, the private individual will have to go to the supermarkets and bring back solid cardboard boxes that have only been used once, and even slightly damaged boxes that will be used as cross-pieces and dividers between pieces of furniture once they are inside the removal van. Also, for a cheap move, it is strongly recommended that you sort your belongings room by room and only keep what is really useful. The rest should be given away or thrown away, depending on the condition of the items. Afterwards, it is necessary to carry out what is called a "cubage". This is an estimate of the volume to be moved. It is only at the end of this step that an individual can determine the number of boxes he or she will need for the move. If they follow these guidelines, they will not have to transport a large volume of items and will therefore benefit from a cheap move. 

Benefit from professional advice

For more tips and tricks, log on to the platform for connecting professional movers and clients, which is: https://www.webtransportdeal.com. It is also possible to choose your mover on this site, which has a large network of partners throughout France. All you have to do is publish a request, then compare the offers received and choose the one offering the best quality/price ratio. For a cheap move, a private individual can take care of all aspects of his move and entrust the transport to a professional.  Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)