At some point in one's life, and for one reason or another, everyone may have to change address. While some people move out of their old home and move to another city, others move to a completely different area or even another country. In any case, the change of address should never be done just anyhow. It must be well prepared and carried out according to the rules of art. It is necessary to go through a few key stages, and the use of professionals in the field may be indispensable.


Preparing the change of address well in advance


As mentioned earlier, a change of address does not have to be done just anyhow, especially for those who wish to make a cheap move. Everything must be well prepared in advance so that everything goes according to plan, and above all to avoid any unpleasant surprises.


A move requires at least two months of preparation. So, once you have found your new home, it is strongly recommended that you follow certain steps to avoid the stress of the move, but not only that. This also allows you to organise yourself optimally. 

In general, such an operation is carried out in 4 steps, but it all depends on each person's preferences and possibilities. The most important thing is to leave nothing to chance from start to finish.


Step 1: 2 months before the move


To carry out a cheap move, what you need to do first and foremost is to make an inventory of your logistical needs. If the owner wishes to use a professional mover to carry out the task, this is a good time for him to ask for several quotes from different service providers. This is essential in order to find the best price. On the other hand, if the person or family who wishes to change their address decides to move alone, they should make a list of all the things they may need to carry out the operation. They can also buy the necessary equipment to do so. These may include, among others, tools to help with transport, a utility vehicle, boxes, etc. In any case, the owner can already pack all the non-essential items of daily life (knick-knacks, books, etc.) in boxes.


Step 2: 1 month before the move


One month before D-day, it is imperative to contact the town hall in order to reserve a place to park the movers' lorry or rented vans. You must also take the time to inform the various administrations of your moving project (Pôle emploi, EDF, Caf, CPAM, taxes, etc.). You should also remember to inform your bank, insurance company, employer and even your Internet service provider of your change of address. To avoid wasting too much time in this step, it is possible to entrust certain administrative tasks to online concierges. In this way, a service provider will take care of everything in the owner's place.


Step 3: one week before the change of address


One week before D-day, the preparation of all the boxes is almost finished. It is strongly recommended that you only keep the essentials, i.e. your small suitcase of clothes, bedding, etc., in the box. If you wish to move alone, you should also start dismantling the furniture. During this stage, it is essential to group the boards and screws together to avoid wasting time looking for them when it comes time to reassemble them. You should also remember to unplug, defrost and empty your freezer. In short, nothing should be left out. This will certainly make moving into the new flat easier.


Step 3: Moving day


Although we have already taken the first steps of a cheap move, we still have a lot of work to do on the day of the change of address. In any case, it is important to be methodical when loading the vehicle. In order to avoid possible return trips, it is essential to optimise the least amount of space available. Also, do not hesitate to take breaks from time to time to make the day much more pleasant. Refreshments and snacks should be provided for all those present. Finally, before leaving for good, it is strongly recommended that you turn off the water supply and read the meters. These are the secrets of a successful change of address. Translated with (free version)