When making a cheap move, a private individual has to take several aspects into consideration: the administrative procedures, the preparation of the move over a long period of weeks, the move itself and the move itself, among others.

How can I move cheaply using a professional removal company?

When a private individual plans to use a cheap removal company, there are a number of points to take into consideration when moving cheaply. They can take care of part of the move themselves, packing their belongings and dismantling their furniture. The removal company will only be responsible for providing them with the necessary commercial vehicle, with or without removal agents. He can also choose a company that offers an "empty return" or the "grouped removal" option, allowing him to considerably reduce the amount of his bill.

If the individual has to move using a removal company, he will have to pre-select several companies, asking them for a cheap removal estimate, then compare their offers and choose the one that meets his needs. To find the best mover, you can log on to the WebTransportDeal website. 

What to do when you have to go through a furniture repository?

A private individual may need to store their belongings in a furniture repository. Here are the main reasons:

- The home he is about to move into is smaller than the old one.

- He may be transferred to a city or a distant country for a certain period of time and want his belongings back when he returns.

- He is building a new home and has temporarily moved into a rented accommodation. 

How do you move when your belongings have to be stored in a furniture repository?

This two-stage move can increase the amount of the bill. Compared to a traditional move, it involves moving the furniture to the furniture repository and then reloading it once the storage period is over to transport it to the new residence. 

The price charged is likely to be twice as much as that of a traditional move, and will also depend on the volume moved (cubage), which is why it is highly recommended that you reduce this volume in order to move cheaply.

Before moving your belongings to a furniture repository or to your new home, you should sort everything so that you transport the minimum amount of furniture and objects. You should proceed room by room, being radical with objects that are not of great use or that have not been used for a long time. For furniture in good condition it is advisable to resell it on advertising sites, for example. If necessary, it is possible to offer them to relatives or associations. The same goes for household appliances and clothing, among others.

Another solution is to store the items in a cheap furniture repository and thus reduce the removal bill. These are furniture repositories for private individuals, which are 60% cheaper than traditional furniture repositories. As a last resort, it is also possible to ask a friend or relative who has enough space to store your belongings for a certain period of time.

In conclusion, the best way to make a cheaper move is to hire a cheap removal company to handle and transport your belongings. After comparing the different offers received on WebTransportDeal, one should choose the one offering the best value for money. If it is necessary to store your belongings in a furniture repository, you should give preference to relatives or private storage facilities.