How to move cheaply?

As you are about to move soon, this is most likely the 1st question you are asking yourself... And your 2nd question will go hand in hand with the 1st: cheap but with a serious and qualified mover! It is to meet this challenge that the WebTransportDeal platform was created: to offer a professional moving service, of quality and accessible in price to all.


Control your moving budget : it's easy

With WebTransportDeal, finding the best moving service at the best price finally becomes a reality, accessible to all. Our experts have designed an online platform that allows you to enter in a user-friendly and ergonomic way all your quotation data: furniture, objects, dishes, level of service (from truck with driver to turnkey service), departure and arrival locations, dates (fixed or flexible). Each object or piece of furniture clicked on automatically recalculates the volume. As soon as you click on "send", we examine/validate your request and it is then proposed to all our moving partners, throughout France. Within a few hours, you will receive quotes from professionals, selected for their professionalism and their policy of adjusted prices.


Economical and cheap moving: why?

Most often, when looking for a mover, one tends to contact a local company, close to the place of departure or the place of moving. But the job of moving is more complex. Our system of putting you in touch allows you to extend your request to all the removal companies in France (and internationally) which may have opportunities (empty returns, empty periods, grouped removals...). With WebTransport