WebTransportDeal: easy and cheap moving for individuals


Are you moving into your new flat or house and you don't know who to contact to organise your move?

You have had several quotes made but you think it's expensive and you don't understand the price differences?

You have searched for moving ads on a free classifieds site but you doubt the seriousness of this or that company or "pseudo" company.

Don't look any further and entrust your search to WebTransportDeal, the moving and transport platform designed for individuals, free of charge.


Moving made easy for individuals


The WebTransportDeal platform was designed for individuals. Because a private individual is not a moving professional, our moving platform enlightens, guides and accompanies you so that you can obtain estimates adapted to your particular case. The online application allows you, with a simple click, to inform, room by room (including garage, cellar, annexes ...), all the furniture, appliances, objects. The volume is automatically recalculated with each addition and your request, anonymous, is then visible to all our moving partners. Between 1 and 48 hours after your validation, you will receive personalized and detailed estimates from companies specialized in removals for individuals. You compare freely and choose the offer that seems best to you. You will benefit free of charge from competitive and serious price offers, under the control of WebTransportDeal's experts.