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With the development of online tools, consumers can organize their move remotely. The online platform allows to draw up with the consumer the list of furniture to be moved, to evaluate the accesses and thus to estimate the volume to be moved, and provides the consumer with an online estimate request form which integrates all the elements necessary for the smooth running of the move. But be careful, the estimate and the organization of the move remain only based on declarative elements. Make sure you give the movers all the useful details such as the conditions of access to the removal site, the number of floors with or without lift, storage, etc,,,.


What are the different moving options? 

There are no standard formulas, and the names used are multiple: "economy class", "standard", "luxury", "traditional", "dynamic", "comfort", "category 1″, etc.". Generally, companies practice three levels of service. At the first level, the customer takes care of as many operations as possible (dismantling, packing, unpacking, reassembly), the company limiting its intervention to loading, transport and unloading. In the second formula, the customer's involvement is limited to the easiest operations (packing of linen and books, etc.). In the third option, the company takes care of everything.

 webtransportdeal offers four levels of service:

    - Truck plus driver - the remover comes with a truck according to the requested volume, equipped with all the moving material (protective blankets, devil, straps, etc.), he helps with the loading and unloading of his truck.

    - Economical- the remover (minimum two people) provides a minimum service limiting his intervention to loading, transport and unloading, protection of the goods in the truck. The consumer assures the dismantling, packing, unpacking, reassembly. -

    - Standard - the consumer's participation is limited to the easiest operations (packing of linen and books, packing into cartons, etc.); the mover provides, in addition to the economic formula, the dismantling and reassembly of the furniture.

    - Complete turnkey - the remover takes care of everything, (packing, dismantling and reassembly, unpacking, etc.). 


    2- Is it really useful to have several estimates drawn up?

Certainly, with a request for a comparative quote, experience shows that for equal service, webtransportdeal offers you two types of ads,

Option 1: a simple request where carriers and movers offer their offers with a written exchange on the platform in complete discretion and anonymity, this avoids unnecessary haggling and stress,

Option 2: a reverse auction with a countdown, similar to reverse auctions, the price difference can reach 50 to 75% . The (compulsory) display of prices on the quotation allows, of course, a first comparison since the potential customer will find at least the following information: price of the service requested, and the desired volume, the date of loading and unloading, and schedules, and the number of movers.

Tip to reduce the cost of your move:

There are several ways to reduce the volume of your move:

     1: Sort through your belongings and take only what is useful,

     2: Dismantle bulky furniture such as cupboards, desks, etc. 

   3: Avoid emptying the drawers of your chest of drawers or furniture (you can remove them to avoid weighing down the furniture in question, and put them back once in the truck,) so as not to increase the number of boxes, 

     4: Avoid using boxes of several sizes and fragile boxes, this will avoid crushing your belongings when the mover will stack your boxes on top of each other,

     5: Avoid cardboard wardrobes and opt for cheaper vacuum bags, which take up much less space.

    6: Avoid overloading the large boxes (this complicates high storage so you risk losing part of the height of the truck), use standard boxes (easier to store high in the truck,).


Two options for a low cost quote


1 Truck rental plus driver:

This low cost option allows you to rent a removal truck according to the desired volume and its driver, property insurance included in case of loss or destruction of your belongings, no deposit on the rental.



2 Economical moving,

No need to worry about who can help you load and unload on moving day, the movers take care of all the loading and unloading plus the protection of your belongings in the vehicle.

At your expense the packing of boxes, dismantling furniture if necessary, protection of fragile objects. It is a solution for a cheap and optimal move,