When a person or a family moves, this event incurs various costs. Is it possible to move cheaply?

In reality, there is not much difference in price between professional movers, the difference lies in the formula chosen and other tips for moving cheaply. In general, a standard removal carried out by a professional includes loading, transporting and unloading the different items (furniture, household appliances, boxes, etc.). It can also include dismantling and assembling furniture.

There are two other formulas:

- The economic formula: this formula is ideal for tight budgets. There are three possibilities:

1- The customer takes care of all the stages of the removal, the professional only takes care of the supply of the truck with the driver.

2- The customer benefits from a grouped move, also known as a co-move. Indeed, if he chooses this option, he can save up to 60% on his moving bill, which is not negligible, especially in the case of a long-distance move. The principle is simple, the customer groups his belongings in the same truck with those of another customer moving to a location on the same road.

3- The empty return also makes it possible to move cheaply. Indeed, this formula makes it possible to take advantage of the return of a removal truck that has just made the outward journey, to move. This formula benefits both the removal company and the customer. The company makes its return journey profitable instead of coming back empty, and the customer benefits from a reduction of around 40%, which is not insignificant.

- The complete formula: the professional mover takes care of supplying the moving boxes and covers, packing and storing the items in the boxes or crates, dismantling the furniture, handling, loading, transporting and then unloading the items at the new address, handling and then assembling the furniture.

In addition, there are a number of tricks that can help to reduce the cost of the move, such as :

- Recovering moving boxes free of charge from supermarkets, knowing that they have only been used once, and that buying boxes specially designed for the move can potentially be expensive.

- Avoid moving during certain periods, such as summer, between the beginning of June and the end of September, as prices are 30-40% higher. Also, avoid holidays, weekends and school holidays, and prefer to move during the week.

- Store your belongings with a relative or friend if necessary, as it is cheaper than having them go through a furniture repository.

- Don't hesitate to take advantage of financial aid for moving, such as the CAF bonus, or the mobili-pass scheme.

- Don't hesitate to call on friends and relatives for handling, dismantling and assembling furniture and loading/unloading your belongings. It is also possible to convince Facebook friends to help by creating a private event on the social network.

- Before packing and putting things in the moving boxes, don't hesitate to sort them out, then sell or give away those that are surplus and throw away those that can no longer be used.

If you choose a professional mover; whatever formula you choose, it is advisable to receive several offers and compare them, choosing the one with the best quality/price ratio. To do this, it is best to use a networking platform, such as https://www.webtransportdeal.com. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)