A cheap move is a long process consisting of several steps. One of the most important is packing the belongings in cardboard boxes or plastic crates. However, in order to keep the items in good condition, it is essential to be organised.

Steps for packing your move properly

It is recommended that this task be carried out several days or even weeks before D-Day, as it requires time, organisation and patience. Also, in addition to cardboard, bubble wrap, newsprint, a permanent marker and labels are needed to identify the contents easily.

For cardboard boxes, there are two possibilities. The first is to buy them, especially online, as some models are compartmentalized and are generally intended to hold crockery, knick-knacks or clothes on hangers (wardrobe boxes). However, this solution can be expensive, but it is possible to ask friends and relatives if they might not have kept the boxes from their move.

The second solution is to collect inexpensive moving boxes from a supermarket, making sure to choose the strongest ones. Also, check that they are not dirty or stained.

Here are the main steps for making moving boxes:

- First, you must group together items of the same size and weight.

- Next, cover each piece with bubble wrap or newspaper.

- Place the heaviest pieces at the bottom of the box, then put the lightest pieces on top, never the other way around.

- Fill the gaps between the different pieces of bubble wrap.

- Close the cartons, making sure to seal them with packing tape and write the contents on them. Ideally, it is best to use different coloured stickers for each room in the house, as this will make unpacking much easier. Also, don't forget to indicate the direction of storage using the up and down arrows.

A few tips

- Avoid putting heavy items in a large box, as it will be difficult to lift during handling. Also, the carton may break and damage the contents.

- Avoid throwing the boxes while loading them into the truck. Furthermore, they should be placed carefully on top of each other, avoiding leaving gaps between them. When loading, every corner of the truck should be optimised to save time, space, energy and money.

- Do not hesitate to use bath or kitchen towels to intersperse the different items.

- Go to wine merchants or dish and decoration shops to collect cheap, sturdy and compartmentalised removal boxes.

What are the different types of cheap moving boxes needed?

- The "standard" box: this box can be used to hold all items as long as they are neither too fragile nor too heavy.

- The "Barrel" box: this box is organised into compartments thanks to the cross bars and is ideal for containing crockery, decorative items, etc...

How do I know how many boxes I need for the move?

It is essential to carry out a cubage in order to know the volume to be moved. But to optimise the operation, it is recommended to sort through the belongings and keep only the essentials. For the rest, it is possible to resort to sale or donation (relatives, associations). Damaged items will have to be thrown away. The better the boxes are tidied up and loaded into the removal truck, the cheaper the bill will be.

For a volume of 7 m3, between 22 and 25 standard size boxes are required. There are various methods of cubing such as using an online calculator. Also, it is possible to have an approximate cubage by simply dividing the surface area of the dwelling by 2, or by multiplying the surface area by a coefficient that varies according to its filling rate (0.4 for a lightly filled space, 0.5 for a moderately filled space, 0.6 for an overloaded space). When a private individual decides to entrust his removal to an expert, it is the latter who will be responsible for carrying out the cubing during the technical visit.

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