One of the key steps in a successful move is the accurate assessment of the volume to be transported. This step is all the more important when calling on a professional, as it determines the price to be paid. The bill can quickly rise if the evaluation was poorly done.


How to estimate the budget needed for this project?

There are volume calculators to move, entirely free online on many specialised sites, such as the one proposed by WebTransportDeal, and of which here is the link: This estimate will allow you to plan the budget needed for this project. However, it can be precise or approximate, depending on the accuracy of the information provided, as well as other elements that we will see later.


How does it work?

After logging in, you have to fill in a form, listing your furniture and personal items, such as: sofa, wardrobe, single bed, double bed, fridge, desk, piano, cradle, bookcase, gas cooker, oven, pram, television, bicycle, washing machine, dishwasher, bedside table, living room, dining table, chandelier, chair, cardboard...


By entering all this information, the calculator estimates the volume to be moved (cubage), giving you a typical average mass expressed in cubic metres (m3). However, this is a simulator using the standard norms of the objects, which may vary.



What is the purpose of cubing?

This step will enable the remover to estimate the volume of the lorry to be used for loading your goods, the necessary equipment (forklift truck, small tools for dismantling/assembling furniture) and the workforce (driver, remover and furniture assembly/disassembly specialist).


If you carry out this estimate yourself, the cubing carried out using an online calculator will help you when requesting a quote from a removal company.


Is the cubage accurate?

Theoretically, an estimate of the volume will allow the remover to evaluate the space that the furniture and objects will occupy in his truck. In practice, the arrangement of these objects inside the truck can be a real headache, since the contents are not stacked like goods of regular shapes and sizes. A good mover will know how to use every space in his truck to optimize loading.


How to accurately estimate the cubage?

To avoid making a mistake at this important stage, it is necessary to call in an expert, knowing that a true professional prefers to carry out a technical visit before drawing up a final estimate, even if this is not required from a legal point of view. The professional will take into account other elements, such as access, the availability of a lift, parking on the property to be moved and also the property into which you are about to move.




What can I do to reduce the volume to be moved and reduce the bill?

Before you start assessing the volume, you need to sort out your furniture, objects and clothing. A move is the ideal opportunity to carry out this operation, which should be taken earlier than the date planned for the move, especially before the cubing stage. Anything you don't need that is bulky should be sold. It is also possible to offer these objects to your relatives or associations. Also, anything that is damaged should be thrown away.


How do I find a removal company offering the best value for money?

You can contact a removal specialist such as WebTransportDeal, who will put you in touch with companies specialising in removals, offering you the possibility of benefiting from the best offers in terms of services and prices, when you submit your request online.
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