It's no secret that a move is a rather constraining and expensive event. One of the most time-consuming tasks is dismantling and reassembling furniture. When to dismantle and reassemble furniture? Who should carry out this task? How long does it take? What tools should be used? These are all questions that a private individual will be faced with when moving house. Above all, for a cheap move, it is important to sort through all the belongings, including the furniture. Generally speaking, when a private individual moves into a smaller home than the one he or she used to live in, they will have to part with some belongings and even some furniture, selling what could be sold and giving or throwing away the rest. However, even to sell or give away furniture, he must be able to dismantle it. This will allow him to save space while earning a little money if he sells furniture.

Why dismantle furniture?

Dismantling furniture, especially when it is large, will reduce the volume of the furniture in the commercial vehicle. The private individual will not have to pay extra costs to his remover because of furniture that has been moved as is, without having been dismantled beforehand. 

How to proceed?

Dismantling and reassembling furniture is neither easy nor complicated. A good do-it-yourselfer can carry out this task himself or call in a friend or relative and save more money on the move. If he does this, he risks injury to himself or damage to his valuable furniture.

How can I dismantle and reassemble my furniture myself?

As a general rule, furniture that can pass safely through doors, corridors and staircases will not need to be dismantled at all. They must remain and be transported as they are, protected, of course, with the right packaging and upholstery to prevent them from being damaged during transport.

In order to know if the furniture does not need or needs to be disassembled during handling and transport, it is imperative to measure it (length, width and height). Next, all doors and passageways through which the furniture will pass must be measured and it must be determined whether or not it needs to be dismantled.

Large pieces of furniture must be dismantled with care and attention. It is preferable to use another person, as some actions require two pairs of hands. For the dismantling steps, it would be useful to have the appropriate manuals, following the steps indicated step by step. In fact, some pieces of furniture need to be disassembled and then reassembled in a very specific order. Therefore, if the individual does not have disassembly/assembly manuals, they could do a quick search on the web to find tutorials or even videos on YouTube showing them the steps to follow.

All they will need to do is keep a record or note down the steps involved in dismantling, so that they can reassemble their furniture once they have moved into their new home.

How can I move cheaply and still use a removal company?

It is possible to use a professional removal company, by requesting free estimates from several cheap removal companies, including the option of dismantling and reassembling furniture if necessary. All you have to do is compare the different offers received and choose the best one. There are also platforms for putting movers in touch with private individuals, such as WebTransportDeal. All you have to do is describe the details of the desired move and then compare the offers received.  Translated with (free version)