One of the many concerns related to moving is the choice of mover. The mover plays a vital role in the success of the project. Nowadays, the removal market is full of competitors, and it is difficult to choose the professional who will have to carry out this mission. However, a few tips and tricks will help you identify the good movers from the bad ones.

- Legal existence: the professional must be listed in the road haulage register (RTM) and the trade and companies register (RCS).

- Membership of certain organisations such as the Organisation of European Road Hauliers (Otre) or the Chambre syndicale du déménagement (CSD). The fact that the remover is listed there guarantees that he holds a transport licence and is registered in the register, in addition to holding insurance.

- Holder of the "NF Service déménagement" certificate: this is a guarantee of professionalism, taking into account the advice given to clients and the reliability of the service.

After going through the directories and searching on the Net, up to 5 companies must be chosen and asked for a quote. But before doing so, it is important to know that a good remover will have to carry out a technical visit, even if it is not legally obligatory.

During this key stage of the move, the professional will have to assess the volume to be moved, which will help him or her estimate the logistics required to ensure the transport (number of lorries, boxes, use or not of a trolley or goods lift), not forgetting issues related to parking and access, especially at the unloading site.

Once you have received the pre-selected professionals, you will receive their quotes. Do not sign any of them before consulting them all, knowing that price differences can be significant.

You must respect certain advice regarding the choice of service provider:

- Avoid private individuals: even if it is true that their prices defy those of professionals. As they have no legal existence, they do not benefit from any insurance, and the risk of endangering your property is high (theft, breakage, loss, etc.). Moreover, they may be blocked if they are checked by the authorities.

- Make sure of the condition of the equipment used: a serious remover must have the right equipment: lorries, forklifts as well as the necessary tools and packaging (boxes, cartons, covers, etc.). Logistical means in poor condition should make you aware of the seriousness of the service provider.

- Make sure the staff is qualified: a professional must employ staff qualified in removal techniques, particularly in furniture assembly/disassembly. Don't hesitate to look for information about the pre-selected companies on the web, by reading the notices and comments.

- Read the quotation carefully: a quotation must be detailed and clear. Some movers avoid detailing prices precisely so as not to have to justify the exorbitant rates they charge. The estimate should contain as much information as possible, such as: the company's full contact details, a detailed evaluation of the volume to be moved (number of boxes, number of rotations to be made, etc.), the hourly rate or lump sum for the project, the terms of payment, the duration of the move and the general terms and conditions of sale governing the service.

In addition, to take advantage of a reduced rate while benefiting from the services of a professional, remember these two tips:

- Take advantage of the "Empty return": this option consists of reserving a move on the return journey of one of the company's lorries. The interest is twofold, for you it is financial, for the company it is a question of optimising its move by carrying out another move.

- Opt for a grouped move: ideal when it is a question of transporting a small volume. This option makes it possible to share the transport costs with a second client, both benefiting from a significant reduction when the distance is long.

Which company to choose?

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